Kathy Koch

Lead Agriculture Specialist at the Mary Free Bed YMCA

“We had planted eight cherry tomato plants in it and they were struggling. Within four days of applying Wormies Vermicompost the cherry tomato plants in that bed had miraculously sprung to life as if they had never had an issue! I continued to keep them thriving through a nice harvest by applying a weekly dose of Luis’ miracle compost. I have continued using his product both in the gardens and greenhouse for the past two years. I am an organically trained and a horticulture graduate from Michigan State University. I am very picky about the products used in our programs to raise food for the community we serve. I choose to use this product in place of organic fertilizer because it works and is a sustainable, quality local product. I will continue to use Wormies’ Compost to feed my gardens!”

Nicole Flores

Wormies CSC Member

“Wormies has been the best decision I’ve made for my home. It’s reduced our food waste by so much. The compost and the life tea Wormies offers has made my garden stay strong and healthy through the heat wave, it’s really awesome. Plus I’m indirectly feeding some really cute worms.”


Integrated Plantscapes

“Using WORMIES in our process makes sense: their vermicompost completes the spectrum of micronutrients our interior-plantscapes need to thrive and we have integrated it into our system from the point of installation to regular applications in our care visits. The health and vigor of our plants is vital to our success and WORMIES is a product with great consistency, quality, and effectiveness. Our role as mutually supportive green businesses in West Michigan is something we are proud to develop and model; playing our part in utilizing and transforming food waste is not just a good idea, but will make a lasting impact.”

Jamie Schaefer

Elementary steam Teacher

“Wormies Vermicompost was very knowledgeable and helpful even after I purchased my worms and started teaching about them in my classroom. Luis was able to answer the many questions my students and I came up with!”

Hanna Schulze

Local First

“When our office decided to explore a commercial composting service, we found that there were some initial barriers. We are a stand-alone office, and do not create enough organic waste to justify the cost of or share the cost of a composting dumpster, or even a large cart. After getting in contact with Luis at Wormies, he was able to work with our specific needs to create a composting program that works for us. He is flexible, competitively priced, and knowledgeable, and the product that he creates with the organic waste is helping aspirational gardeners (like me!) be sustainable and successful.”