About Wormies

Composting near Grand Rapids, MI

Wormies is a composting business specializing in vermicomposting (composting with worms) serving the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We began in 2017 with the collective effort of family, friends and volunteers. We offer a variety of products and services. At the core of our operation is the production of castings (worm poop!) for farm and garden use.

Our Mission

Our passion for composting is rooted on the principles of sustainable and organic agriculture. We have experienced how essential it is for our health and the health of our planet to create microbial and nutrient rich soils to bring life back to balance.

Our mission is to change the way our community manages organic waste by achieving a 100% diversion from landfills. NO MORE WASTE! Our vision is to see Wormies composting in every neighborhood and for Grand Rapids to set the standard nation-wide for responsible waste management.

Why Compost?

Composting is a natural process and it has been occurring for millennia and will continue to do so with or without our help. What we are doing with Wormies is to work together with nature and reverse the effects of pollution. Soil regeneration and carbon sequestering are some of the environmental benefits of composting with us.

Ours is a tree step process, first we pre-compost our inputs for 15 days through aerobic composting that heats up to 100°-140°F. Then we feed the pre-composted material to specialty composting worms. The worms process the material further and finer and add a unique set of bacteria through their gut action. Once worms are done munching we let the pile of finished compost cure for another 60 days and the party continues, beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods and earthworms are present.

We’ve got your back

We understand it can be difficult for residents or businesses to compost in urban areas and that is how this idea was born. Wormies also provides a composting CSA. Just like any other CSA (community supported agriculture) we will do the work for you and you just get to enjoy the bounty.

And for all of you DIYers we will love to help you. We offer consulting service for households and businesses to help make our waste streams clean and sustainable. Living in an urban area means that every little bit we can do to recycle and reuse our waste will help the larger issues at hand. For a resident, this may include designing a personalized compost bin for your space that utilizes red wigglers, or a compost system that can take yard waste and food waste at a reasonable rate without having stagnant piles. For a business or non-profit, we may look at a combination of options, including on-site compost bins, composting services, and workshops for employees and clientele.