Food Scrap Pick-Up Service

Want to do your part?
We’re here to help.

We’ll compost your food scraps and give you rich vermicompost in return.

What You’ll Get

Every 8 pickups we will drop off a 4 lb bag of our premium Vermicompost. Use it to nourish your houseplants, yard, or garden. Or, you could donate it to the community gardens that we partner with: the Other Way Community Garden, YMCA Mary Free Bed Educational Greenhouse and Garden, Cook Library Center Community Garden, Dwelling Place Community Garden.

Areas of Service

Grand Rapids, Michigan



You can choose either a weekly ($28/month) or every-other week ($14/month) plan.

By joining you will also get 4lbs of vermicompost every 8 pickups and 20% off all Wormies products.

Food Scrap Collection

As soon as you sign up we will provide you with a collection bucket, either 5 gal or 3.5 gal depending on your needs. Let us know what you prefer. Most households fill 3.5 gal once a week. The bucket will have a biodegradable lining to keep it clean that will be replaced at every pickup. You will also receive a list of compostables and non-compostables for our type of operation.

We will send you a Paypal link to signup for monthly auto payments. You will be assigned to one of our routes and we’ll let you know your pickup day.

If you need to cancel your subscription please let us know by email, phone or text at least a week before your last pickup.

Sign Up

To sign up, complete the form linked below.  Call/text 616-322-1677 or email if you have any questions.