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WORMIES feeds food, farm, and yard waste to worms
to produce castings—a high-quality, natural fertilizer and soil amendment.

We’re a proud local business of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


About Our Products

Organic Fertilizer

Our vermicompost is ideal as a fertilizer or a soil amendment for organic gardening and food production.

organic gardening and farming

We focus on producing NPK-rich products with a balanced array of nutrients, minerals and microorganisms that will help you grow nutrient dense and delicious food.

Compost in Grand Rapids

Our vermicompost is plant-based, chemical-free and biologically activated. By increasing the biology of your soil you are increasing your plants’ ability to absorb nutrients and combat pests and disease.

Grand Rapids Michigan local business

We are a local-local-local community composting operation. Food waste generated in our community is composted in a local facility and our finished compost is used by local gardens and farms.