Compost Tea Spraying Service

Compost Tea / Non-toxic lawn and garden treatment

A safe, natural treatment that will maximize your plant’s health, growth and longevity. Recommended for outdoor and indoor gardens and lawns.

Our commitment is to provide an ecologically sound treatment that nourishes your plants while protecting the environment, our customers, and pets.

We bring the fresh brew to your property and apply it for you. To ensure maximum freshness our tea is continuously brewing while we are are at your property. To allow the safe passage of beneficial microbes and fungi hyphae through the hose and sprayer we utilize a specially-designed compost tea gun. Application times will be early morning.

Compost tea puts the microbiology back into the soil that’s been removed through over-development and chemical application practices. The microbiology in the tea is critical for plants thrive. Applying vermicompost tea has also been shown to thicken leaf growth and to protect plants from the summer sun.

Our photos are very amateur but when it comes to compost we are not so much, so this is not “leachate” from a worm bin!

$100 gets you 50 gal of tea and 30-45 minutes of application. For details please call or text 616-322-1677 or email