Join our Pick-Up Service


Please take a few minutes to enroll in our residential weekly or every-other week food scrap pickup service. For $8 a pickup, we compost your food scraps and give you rich vermicompost in return. Every 8 pickups we will drop off a 1 liter bag of our premium vermicompost. Or, you can donate your vermicompost to our community garden partners.

As soon as you sign up we will provide you with a collection bucket, either 5 gal or 3.5 gal depending on your choice. Most households fill a 3.5 gal once a week. The bucket will have a biodegradable lining to keep it clean and will be replaced at every pickup. You will also receive a list of acceptable compostables for our type of operation.

Our pickup days for the residential service are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7 am to 8 pm. Please leave the bin out the night before as we might come early morning. Leave the filled bucket by the front door or porch, or if you prefer another location just let us know.